Advanced Life Cycle Costing - An Evolutionary Technique To Manage Cost Before It Occurs

Kuala Lumpur, December 2013 –  Once again, our internationally known trainer and consultant have taken KL crowd into new world of maintenance and finance mixture called  Life Cycle Costing.  The maintenance and finance professionals broadened their knowledge through the heated discussions and experience sharing sessions with trainer who delivered information to the crowd with vibrant energy ensuring each and every participant engaged and shared their own ideas.

Charismatic and very knowledgeable trainer easily fascinated participants. For every issue, technique and strategy discussed, he engaged participants into a practical workshop that will help them to solve real-life work environment challenges. Moreover, hands-on application of theory discussed with development of live Excel-based LCC model was winning part of this evolutionary technique that manages cost before it occurs.

Life Cycle Costing is a decision support tool that includes all aspects of an asset’s life time costs – from the early planning stage, through design, acquisition, installation, maintenance, removal and disposal. The major solutions are evaluation of the total anticipated cost and expected cost per unit of from the ownership of an asset to ensure that the decision is sound as well as comparative evaluation of two or more asset alternatives to help decide which option is the most beneficial and finely comparison of two or more operations and maintenance alternatives examining the repair or replace decision.




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