Employee Attrition Management for Call Centres in KL Was a Classic Hit

Kuala Lumpur, May 2014Employee Attrition Management for Call Centres has exceeded expectations as our eminent expert charmed the crowd with his knowledge and personality. Facing the issue of high turnover rate, call centers participants were all ears for new tactics and knowledge shared by expert.

Two days of intensive sessions that started with unique ice breaking sessions and lively introduction where participants engaged into topic in first few minutes. The course is designed with plenty of hands on exercises that involved participants fully followed by case studies, presentations of trainer and participants. Trainer’s expertise and personalized approach brought value to every minute participant spend during this course.

With more than 600 call centers in Malaysia, the estimated workforce is around 200,000 employees, which continues to grow rapidly. Being an industry that relies heavily on labour supply for continued growth, the attrition rate, which has averaged around 19%, is of great concern. High rates of employee attrition damage business at many levels from the most obvious to the subtle. The course didn’t only address the nuances of employee turnover, but included strategic measures for hiring and retaining the right people followed by extensive discussions on the roles that leadership and company culture play in creating the optimal call center environment.

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