NAS - 2012

WATCH OUT! The Malaysian automotive industry is surging forward and vehicle sales figures over the past 12 months is proof for the opportunities that rise in this ever-lucrative industry. This is backed by actual statistics that reveals an average of nearly 50,000 new cars sold by car makers every month of this year and this figure does not include commercial vehicles (i.e. van, lorry, bus etc). This phenomenon has created tremendous prospects for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that provide to the automotive industry. These SMEs are contributing to the industry through products and services that caters to the automotive industry and the demand for their existence is increasingly stronger as the industry grows.

Like many other ASEAN countries, the Malaysian government has recognized SMEs as the main driver of the economy contributing over 31% to the nation’s GDP. The Malaysian government and Bank Negara have initiated numerous programs to help support this group of small yet significant SMEs.
The stage is now set for SMEs to bring the automotive industry in Malaysia to the next level. Through better understanding on business operations, financial management and technical skills, the SMEs involved in the automotive industry could reach greater heights and profitability.

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  • Automotive Service Centers
  • Automotive Associations and Institutions
  • Banking and Financial Institutes
  • Automotive Brands and Solution Providers
  • Experts in Business Management and Financial Modeling
  • Panelist from both Public and Private Sector


  • Ensuring business sustainability and continuous growth for SMEs in the automotive industry through proven business management strategies
  • Understanding fundamentals of financial management and managing cash flow for today’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Leveraging on services provided by banking and financial institutions to obtain working capital and financial supports for business expansion
  • Assessing fundamentals documents necessary by banks and financial institutions to access financial track records of a SME business and utilizing the available financial aid for SMEs
  • Gaining an edge in the automotive industry through application and utilization of latest technology advancement available in the market
  • Operating a cost efficient SME in the automotive industry to ensure profits maximized
  • Improvising on  technical skills and knowledge to keep abreast with latest industry trends and winning practices
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