Advanced Industrial LIFE Cycle Costing (LCC)

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16 & 17 December 2013 - Kuala Lumpur


Life Cycle Costing is a decision support tool that includes all aspects of an asset’s life time costs – from the early planning stage, through design, acquisition, installation, maintenance, removal and disposal. Therefore, major solutions are evaluation of the total anticipated cost and expected cost per unit of output (example cost per ton) from the ownership of an asset – to ensure that the decision is sound as well as comparative evaluation of two or more asset alternatives (example current or replacement) – to help decide which option is the most beneficial and finally comparison of two or more operations and maintenance alternatives (example a change in the type of maintenance) – examining the repair or replace decision. Through combination of presentations, discussions and workshops the trainer will bring live examples of LCC for demonstrate theory discussed as well as hands on application of each and every technique and strategy discussed where final work and model developed would be applicable to attendee’s workplace.

Facilitated by Internationally Known Trainer and Consultant

Former President of Data Track Systems is internationally known trainer and consultant with more than 25 years of experience in the field. His experience in all aspects of Maintenance and Physical Asset Management and CMMs/EAM systems, is built on a base of a blend of a post-graduate degree in economics, CFO and CAO positions in several manufacturing companies as well as entrepreneurial experiences. As result he is well-positioned to combine the requirements of O&M with evaluations based on ROI, Discounted Cash Flow and similar financial KPI’s.Besides delivering hundreds of international maintenance trainings, workshops and conferences, our trainer also served as a Business Development Manager and Senior Associate consultant, CFO and CAO President of many internationally known companies and organizations. His experience with Asian and ME market is related to long term engagements with a power generation company in Indonesia, leading steel company in Japan and a resort development company in Bahrain.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed to benefit all senior levels of maintenance personnel, especially those involved in the managing, planning and execution of projects – large and small. Specifically, Superintendents, Managers, Supervisors, Engineering and Senior Technicians in Operations, Maintenace, Reliability and Physical Asset Management.

Also relevant to practitioners of the following areas:

  • Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance
  • Inspections, Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Performance Management
  • Plant, Mechanical, Electrical and Utilities
  • Planning, Scheduling and Quality Control
  • Equipment, System and Asset Management
  • Reliability, Failure Management and Failure Prevention
  • Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Warehouse, Spare Parts and Materials
  • Tools and Tool cribs

Key Issues and Challenges To Be Addressed

To transfer knowledge  and demonstrate  practical application to participants so they may:

  • Understand the philosophy and practices of Life Cycle Costing ( LCC )
  • Understand the benefits and difficulties of LCC
  • Learn the step by step process of applying LCC
  • Understand new techniques and strategies of each phase of LCC
  • Actively participate in developing the proposed future LCC approach relevant to your business

Benefits Of Attending

  • Transferring knowledge about an increasingly important asset management technique by a highly qualified expert in the field
  • Focusing on future cost and new techniques in performing any type of cost management activities more effectively
  • Improving decision making regarding capital investment, operations and maintenance strategies with Life Cycle Costing (LCC)
  • Understanding data requirement and cost estimation each phase of LCC to maximize LCC usage
  • Setting and articulating financial KPI’s (CF, AC, ROI,IRR etc), sensitivity analysis and impact of inflation for enhanced decision making
  • Underlying possible problem identification and resolution for improved business sustainability
  • Interpreting results and improving assessment of equipment preferences
  • For every issue, technique and strategy discussed, a practical workshop will be tailor- made to solve real-life work environment challenges of participants
  • Hands-on application of theory discussed with development of live Excel-based LCC model of participant’s own equipment
  • A practical workshop – based sessions with real life cases studies that can be applied in the attendee’s workplace

In-House Training

If you are interested in more cost-effective approach and you have group of people with similar needs, CapSource will bring training directly to your workplace. This course can be customized to fit specific requirements and needs of your organization. For more information on this kindly contact us at :
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