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February 19 & 20, 2014 - Dubai


In today's global economy, outsourcing represents a vital opportunity to adapt. Outsourcing is a strategic option which may be used as a means to improve performance of business activities and processes, therefore forms part of a global sourcing strategy. Improved skill and updated knowledge on outsourcing is every FBS leader’s responsibility for achievement of enhanced business model. Urgent need to reduce operational cost, without compromising on the quality, especially on the day to day administrative tasks and non-core matters are some of the issues that will be addressed in this programe. Effective outsourcing management will enhance productivity by capturing fresh business strategies as it allows executives and management to focus on critical functions of the business core. Overall, improved strategic outsourcing management translates to enhanced operation and reliability, which in turn creates higher return of investment (ROI) is the overall benefit that participants will be equipped with after attending this programe.

Facilitated by Two International And Experienced Experts In The Area Of Outsourcing

Two international experts, consultants and entrepreneurs with vast experience and expertise in conducting training and consultancy services in the areas of finance and banking. With over 10 years of involvement in business strategy implementation and outsourcing they pay special focus on new practice called maturity sourcing. Beside individual achievements as entrepreneurs, trainers, website managers that specialize in assistance to financial institutions in the process of reflection, analysis and launch strategic initiatives, innovation and performance, this two experts worked together on many projects in Europe. As result of consultancy roles in banking sector they co-founded specialized website, with aim to improve overall outsourcing culture of banking sector. Moreover, outsourcing expertise they provided to several international banks and to the four biggest French Banks that belong to the main Paris Index (CAC 40).

Who Should Attend

This professional training is designed for:
Directors, General Managers, Heads of Departments, Managers, as well as senior personnel in charge of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) from (but not limited to) the following divisions:

  • Accounts / Finance / Treasury
  • Human Resource
  • IT
  • Purchasing
  • Procurement

From Financial and Banking services

Key Issues and Challenges To Be Addressed

  • Enhancing organisation competitiveness by acquiring and strengthening structured knowledge of opportunities in outsourcing
  • Transforming business performance by developing full potential of outsourcing
  • Zooming into success factors by going beyond outsourcing
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the organisation’s current outsourcing strategies
  • Practical knowledge on the advantages and disadvantages in outsourcing
  • Making impactful informed decisions with required skills in Make or Buy studies
  • Structured capacity to successfully issue a tender for outsourced activities by defining the components of a successful tender exercise
  • Gaining competitive edge by leveraging on the access to a wider array of skills sets and expertise with effective BPO practice

Benefits Of Attending

  • Maximum exposure to the European and Asia Pacific industry outlook with 2 international experts who will bring great and new ideas 
  • Examining market , current trends and opportunities for successful assessment and development of organization maturity for outsourcing
  • Understanding core and non-core activates towards building global sourcing strategy
  • In depth understanding of risks associated with business outsourcing
  • Setting ground for changes, culture and skills of executors for smooth outsourcing relationship
  • Focusing on regulatory management, precise contract drafting and understanding liabilities and limitations that may arise together with exit strategies
  • Setting risk supervision on outsourced activities and reviewing outsourcing contract periodically
  • Developing industrial partnerships by which banks outsourced some of their activities to other banks
  • For every issue, technique and strategy discussed, a practical approach with relevant case studies and best practices in from different banks will be demonstrated

In-House Training

If you are interested in more cost-effective approach and you have group of people with similar needs, CapSource will bring training directly to your workplace. This course can be customized to fit specific requirements and needs of your organization. For more information on this kindly contact us at :
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