Pipeline Integrity Management and Corrosion Prevention


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This program is designed an in-depth understanding of the engineering principles behind successful integrity management of piping systems & pipelines in operation. Practical aspect of design considerations, sizing, rating, pipeline integrity, internal inspections, analysis, repair, testing, pipeline protection shall be presented.

The program shall also provide more information about pipeline defects, determining pipeline integrity, cracks, corrosion, and other possible failures and damages. This will lead the participants to prepare them for ensuring safe operations and preventing any incidents.


Benefits of Attending

  • Master prime engineering issues and activities required to operate piping systems and pipelines in optimum condition
  • Assess a range of integrity threats and discussing key issues affecting the integrity of pipelines
  • Recognise the different stages and procedures of pipeline integrity management
  • Understand piping and pipeline failures, major threats and risks including time dependent degradation (corrosion, cracking, pitting etc) and also third party inflicted damages
  • Learn and comprehend the inspection and monitoring process
  • Develop a deeper understanding of integrity management plans and implementation procedures



Supporting Organisation


Trainers’ Profile

Our international expert is a director on the board of Charisma Careers Pvt. Ltd in Vadodara, India and is also advisor to Charisma Global Networks Ltd. in Auckland, New Zealand. For past 20 years he also served as an advisor to Gramya Research since the inception of the organisation in 1984.

Graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri, Ranchi University, India in 1966, he completed his Master of Engineering with specialization in Mechanical Machine Design at University of Roorkee; India two years later.

In 1994, he joined Jacobs Engineering (UK/USA) at the Vadodara Regional Office as a Project Engineering Consultant guiding and heading all functions of Project Management and Engineering. Subsequently, he joined Humphreys & Glasgow Consultants Ltd as General Manager. International expert was the Chief Engineer of Projects & Development India Ltd. under the Project Management Group before joining VXL India Ltd. as the General Manager (Technical). During his stint in VXL, he was responsible for planning and establishing scientific Predictive Maintenance systems and Nondestructive Testing Laboratory. He also helped establish systems for life assessment of pipelines, equipments and boilers including corrosion monitoring.



Who Should Attend

The course is specifically designed for project managers and technical personnel responsible for the management, implementation and reporting of pipeline integrity inspection activities, such as the following:

  • Pipeline engineers 
  • Corrosion engineers 
  • Integrity specialists 
  • Consultants active in the fields of pipeline inspection and assessment 
  • Personnel from certification and regulatory bodies involved with pipeline inspection and pipeline integrity.

Also suitable for supervisors, engineers and technicians responsible for ensuring the adequate protection of pipeline assets; maintenance planners, regulators and service-providers to the pipeline industry


In-House Training

If you have a group of people with similar interest in this course, and want a cost-effective approach, CapSource can help bring this training directly to your workplace. This course can be customized to fit the requirements and needs of your organization. For more information, kindly contact us at : iht@capsource.com.my
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